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Change Log
  • 2/22/2019: Updated PDF generation library to improve speed.
  • 9/27/2018: Added Correct/Incorrect Question Numbers to Student Standards Report.
  • 7/30/2018: Added Planned assessments in the Assessment Manager.
  • 4/16/2018: Added support for decimals as possible points on an assessment.
    Example a correct answer can be worth .5 points
  • 2/15/2018: Greatly improved the speed when viewing bubblesheets from magifying glass icon on the teacher report
  • 1/5/2018: Updated assessment viewer so it will render both paper and pencil bubblesheets as well as online assessments. Also added assessment details to right side of page.
    See example
  • 1/3/2018: Changed from storing bubblesheet images on server to storing them in the database
  • 12/27/2017: Upgraded assessment admin page style